Your property taxes will be higher next year

Spokane County home values rise an historic 31%, but what does it mean for your taxes?

Original: Packed In: Here's why your property tax will be higher next year - KXLY

The average of home values in Spokane county has gone up 30%, with one area increasing by nearly 34%. However, luckily your tax bill is limited to a 1% increase in your budget.

“The problem is with the school districts. They are allowed to use a fixed-rate levy. In other words, most of them around here are now $2.50,” said Konis. If you paid $2.50 last year, you would pay some amount per a thousand dollars of assessed values again this year, but with higher assessed values.

If your home assessment is $500,000, you are paying $1,250. With 30% increased values, it will be $1,625. You will be paying $375 more.

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If you ask to have it lowered, they say you are being conservative. You can fill out a form to have it reduced. Not sure how much good it will do

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