What are your favorite campgrounds nearby?

Just wanted to see what everyone’s favorite camping spots are around/near Spokane?

I personally don’t camp a ton close by as I usually go to North Idaho to Huckleberry Campgrounds on the Saint Joe River where my family used to have property.

:pensive: Sad we don’t have it anymore (older relatives wanted to sell…)

Where do you guys like to go?

No answers yet, so I’ll start things off. :rofl:

I just booked a short 2 day fishing trip for next month and will be trying out the Cabins by the Joe (near Avery, ID). I checked them out last year with my cousin while we were in the area but I needed an internet connection at the time to be able to book / reserve the spot and I don’t get cell service up there (most carriers don’t have towers there). They are like little tiny house cabins that have the basics, a bed or two, and are in a great spot in the heart of the mountains yet accessible off the main road (after you cross the old railroad bridge).

Just don’t do like we did the first time around and go up there hoping for the best and that you’ll be able to track down the camp hosts nearby and pay and everything, because we couldn’t see anyone during the hour or so we were around.

Not real camping I know, but this is more about the fishing and some drinking than it is about the camping. I guess it’s more like “glamping” this way.

Things are getting so much busier as a whole up there in North Idaho with the influx of new people to our area. I feel like all my favorite spots are definitely not a secret anymore!

My normal spot is either:

Sad to say that I haven’t found many spots super close by that I would consider “real” camping. I need the trees, mountains, rivers etc. to get what I need out of any true camping trip!

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I’m to scared to camp in Spokane
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Haha, don’t blame you there @Elle75783341. There ARE some good spots that aren’t too far away though. I would say most people around here head into North Idaho for real camping trips. They just plain have most of the best spots.

Farragut State Park is pretty sweet, Anything along the St Joe River is great, etc.