What are the people like in Spokane, WA?

Do you feel like the people here in Spokane are different than in other places you’ve lived?

If yes, how so?

I think people are less educated. Small Town mind set. People freak out over the increased crime rate, but really it’s just as crazy as any other city with this many people. People move very slow here

Welcome Elle. I appreciate your insights and it’s interesting to hear from someone who has lived in other places. Thank you for joining (we’re still getting started so your participation is very much appreciated!).

I’ve only had a chance to promote this place for a few weeks and it might take another 1-2 months for things to actually gain traction (starting a new forum is pretty difficult, but I’m a crazy person so I’m trying it anyways). :slightly_smiling_face:

So again, just being here (having registered an account and posted a couple times) is very welcome (thank you).

It just depends on your culture and how fast paced living is. People are the same everywhere you go, but depending on the culture and area, specific characteristics will stand out more.