Welcome to Spokane Chat! 👋🏻

Hello and welcome to our Spokane Chat Forum (for Spokane, WA not Spokane, MO)

The goal here is to create an online discussion area for those of us in Spokane, WA to stay connected to the surrounding community.

We’re glad you’re here. This is a place where people from all over the area can come together to chat about whatever they like. Whether you want to talk about the weather, sports, politics, or just what’s going on in your life, you’ll find someone here who is happy to chat with you.

Thanks for being a part of this online community!

My name is Kevin, and I fired up this website today (5/24/22) wondering if anyone else out there had always wanted something a little better to chat with other people in our area than say Craigslist for example (because it’s pretty old and doesn’t have a ton of features).

About me: I’m a digital marketing specialist with an emphasis on search engine optimization and have been building websites like this for many years. My company - August SEO - handles SEO for many local businesses here in the area.


It will take some effort to moderate these communication forums so if you are already a person who manages or administrates other online groups (i.e… Facebook) please let me know if you’d be interested in a moderator position. Send a private message here on the forums after you register an account if you’d like to be considered for that type of role.

I fully expect there to be some trolling (i.e. posting deliberately provocative or off-topic comments, to upset others or distract from the main conversation) especially until we have a decent number of content creators / conversation starters. I’ll do my best to clean things up as best I can on my own until I can find some trustworthy moderators. You can flag / report posts at any time if you see something that shouldn’t be posted and I’ll take it down if deemed necessary.:+1:t2:

Please feel free to make suggestions and recommendations - this site is intended to be a “town hall” of sorts to find and talk to people about things only people in Spokane are going to care about.

I’m going to try to limit advertising and promotional content here while the site is still growing. However if you want to do some kind of tasteful small banner ad or sponsor our efforts in the early going for additional exposure for your local Spokane or Coeur D’ Alene business or have a service to offer, you can reach out (please use a private message to me here on the forums).

Other than that, welcome and I hope everyone gets some use out of this new resource! :+1:

– Kevin