Thoughts on Nadine Woodward's Second Term for Mayor?

Source: Woodward to seek second term as Spokane Mayor - KXLY

The former broadcaster was first elected in November 2019, beating out then-City Council President Ben Stuckart. Woodward had never held office before being elected mayor.

“I am grateful for Spokane’s trust and support. Together, we have accomplished a great deal while leading through a global pandemic and other challenges to find new ways to get things done, established and strengthened crucial partnerships, and brought out a collaborative approach to the forefront in a time of great disruption and division,” Woodward said. “The outcomes we have achieved in public safety, housing, homelessness, economic development, mental health, and operational sustainability have set a great foundation for the work we still have left to do.”

So far, no other candidates have publicly announced their intention to run against Woodward.

I don’t think she has done a terrible job, and I can’t say that I feel thrilled with the performance yet. I felt like Condon potentially had a better term in office, but he had double the time she’s had to get things done through 2 terms.

What are your opinions of her job in office so far, if any?

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining on other sites about her, but I didn’t exactly feel like everything went wrong. I also don’t think all that much improved. I’m also somewhat guilty of not keeping up with recent local issues at the same time as I’ve been so busy lately.

This homelessness problem could use some kind of concrete plan (though I know we won’t solve it immediately, I think most of us know we can do more or change the existing systems drastically).

This recent zoning change should go a long way, but I still think we need to be building more low-income housing.