The Choco Taco is gone for good

The Choco Taco is gone for good

Pour one out for Choco Taco.

The beloved Klondike product, packaged ice cream in a taco-shaped cone, has been discontinued.

“Over the past 2 years, we have experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide,” a Klondike Brand representative told CNN Business in an email, adding “we know this may be very disappointing.”

You could possibly still find Choco Tacos around as sellers run through their inventory, the representative said.

During the pandemic, it became common for companies to slim down their portfolios to help meet demand for their most popular items. But even less popular products have devoted fans who are upset by the decisions.

“Choco Taco has fallen,” one Twitter user declared. “They always take the best things away from us,” another mused. Others berated Klondike for the decision.

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I never had one
Awkward John Krasinski GIF by Saturday Night Live

No way… :open_mouth:

I always thought they were better than a straight up Klondike bar, but definitely a sugar overload so I haven’t had one for a long time now anyways (not super great for you obviously).

Was definitely more of a fun novelty item then anything else to snag off the ice cream truck when it rolled through the neighborhood. I mean, who wouldn’t want to at least try a Choco taco? The name itself is amazing.

Just thought hey, someone is going to miss these cause they had to be a part of someone else’s childhood!