Spokane Doesn’t Suck, Really

Source: Spokane Doesn't Suck, Really

Like any city, Spokane is more than what little outsiders like myself might know. Spokane is more than Murphy’s future “New World Order” in the zombie series, Z Nation, more than the set of Macklemore’s Downtown, and more than the curse put on it in 1986 by a self-proclaimed Romani leader after an illegal police raid on his property.

It is also more than just Washington’s second-largest city and more than its complicated past. Spokane is an accessible city that balances the outdoor world with a food scene ready for the hungry after a day in the sun. To borrow from an unofficial city slogan many locals like to use: “Spokane Doesn’t Suck.”

Sitting to the far northeast of Washington along the Spokane River, and approximately 20 miles from the Idaho state line, Spokane became a city in 1881 with a population of 350 settlers—today it has nearly 230,000 residents, with the greater area being around 540,000. For millennia, though, it has been the ancestral land of its original inhabitants, the Salish speaking Spokane Tribe—“Spokane” meaning, “Children of the Sun.”

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