Looking for Penny

Posted on FB - 22 hours ago

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I am looking for the lady that helped me and my children today at 8:45 this morning after i wrecked my car between hwy 41 and twin lakes rd.

Her name is Penny, she is an older woman, short hair, white older van (dodge caravan or Chrysler town and country possibly)

She has a short haired dog possible black lab mixed, i can’t remember the name but I believe it started with a z and ended with the guardian.!

I want to properly thank her, i was still in so much shock i didnt get her info.

She sat with my children for at least a good hour, she had no where to go, and she was in no rush. She sat there and took care of my children.

When the accident happened she was the only person who pulled over, she immediately opened her door tellin my kids to get in, i hollered to the children to get into her van (first and only time ill ever tell my kids to get into a random white van! :rofl::heart:

She helped me off the ground and helped me in her van.

She is truly an angel sent to help me that day.

She reminded me so much of my grandmother that passed away a couple years ago, i felt so comfortable letting her take care of my children.

So if anyone knows this lady, please send her my way! :heart: