Are people really this nice in Spokane?

I found this post on another forum and thought it would make for a good discussion.

DO YOU feel like everyone in Spokane is “Nicer” than other areas you’ve lived?


My wife is from Spokane originally and we decided to move back (I’m from the NJ/NY area). I’ve been living here since July and I’m often caught off guard.

For example, I’ll be at a stop light and the car next to me will unroll a window and start up a conversation for a few minutes, then the light turns and life goes on.

Another traffic related thing: was driving last week and a pick up truck drifted into my lane as if to turn left. He yelled a bit at me, but at the next light, he waved at me and yells, “that was totally my fault! Didn’t read the street sign right. I’m sorry.” In New York, you start mad and stay mad even if anything is your own fault. This was so bizarre to me.

I’m loving the neighborly attitude. Is this a Spokane thing in general?

I’m so confused. Happily so. But still confused.